Tuesday 17 July 2012

Only some news today..

Hi Girls

Sorry I have no card today, but I just wanted to say hello....  and share some news.

Firstly, I'm very proud of my eldest daughter Emma who found out at the weekend that she's going to be one of the officials at the Olympics!  She's to be an anti-doping chaperone with the rowing events (voluntary role).  It means she has to approach randomly picked athletes and explain that they have been picked to have a blood and urine test, then she has to accompany them to the podium if they've won, then to press conferences or whatever, basically so they can't get to anything that may negate any possible drug that they may have taken.  Here she is looking very proud in her uniform and pass which gets her into all areas!

Secondly..... my youngest daughter Clare made some gorgeous cakes for us to eat at the weekend too....   She's had a fabulous promotion at work and I'm very proud of her too..... and especially for these yummy cakes!

Now.....  I was a bit (well OK, a lot) sad this morning because it was time for Clare to go back to Bermuda after her 10 days hol here.  We'd had a lovely time, and  I won't see her till next year now and she'd just gone........ sob......  AND THEN........  I felt water dripping in the kitchen..... from the ceiling.......  and then it started to pour through all the brand new light sockets.......  and all the brand new plasterboard and paintwork.  Turns out that the pipes leading to the shower in our main bathroom had become disconnected - a joint had come un-joined - and the contents of the cold water tank were rapidly coming through our new kitchen ceiling (after soaking everything in my airing cupboard) and into all the cupboards and oven etc etc....   Luckily Barry was in, and we tried to hold buckets up to catch some, but the floor by this time was flooded.  I was tearful this morning anyway, so imagine me, bucket in hand at eye level, crying my heart out and wailing all over the place.  That is not normally me - I am good at dealing with a crisis normally.......  I normally would just get upset afterward.  But this is the straw that broke the back as they say.......  I WANNA MOVE HOUSE!  But on the positive side, we weren't out of the house, so could stem the flow (ok after it had done a lot of damage), .....  and I wasn't in on my own, in which case I don't know what I'd have done.  So there truly is a plus side to most things.  Now I just have to fight the insurance company......... Wish me luck!

Big hugs
Christine x


  1. Oh Christine.. i am sorry to hear about the leak.. especially after all your kitchen trauma's! Hoep the insurance company are sympathetic.
    Well done to your daughter .. she does look smart! .. and i hope Clare has a safe journey back to Bermuda
    Lisa x

  2. Oh noooooooo, I'm so sorry to hear about your leak. I would be the same and totally upset. Oh honey, what a shame. At least you and Barry were home, that is a saving grace.

    Congrats to your eldest, and safe trip for your youngest.
    Bug hugs

  3. Oh Christine this is just awful , I'm so sorry
    But congratulations to your eldest daughter and safe journey to your youngest daughter .
    Bug big hugs Emma xx
    P.s the cakes look delicious xx

  4. Oh Christine what a shame bout the kitchen..yes you have to look at the brighter side you were at home & Barry WAS there..men come in use full some times..lol..you got larf girl..am sure Clare has enjoyed her stay, now you can look forward to another homecoming.. well done Emma she looks very smart in her outfit.. hope your wk. gets better.

    sending cyber hugs

    tother Christine x

  5. Oh poor you, how dreadful, Daughter going away(I know the feeling) and water, water, everywhere, your poor new kitchen.
    Cakes look scrummy.
    I hope your Daughter is going to pick the best looking rower to follow around and a single one with loads of money lol.

    Kath x

  6. OH dear Christine - first I was smiling at your proud news and then I ended up with feeling upset for you!

    I hope it all gets sorted soon honey!

    Mary x

  7. OMG! where to start? ok from the top!
    Huge congrats to Emma how fab to be a part of the Olympics I'd be proud too!
    I would also be sad if my daughter was leaving especially if she made cakes like that! WOW I'm dribbling!
    NOoooooooooooooooooooooo not the new kitchen!! You must be devastated I would be and I'm sure you were only tearful as Clare was leaving, it will all come good in the end!
    Big Hugs Laurie xx

  8. Congratulations to your daughter. Those gorgeous cakes are making my mouth water :o)
    OMG, what a catastrophe after all the upheaval of having your kitchen done. I hope you don't have too much of a struggle with the insurance company!
    Hugs, Jackie xx

  9. That is WAY cool! Congrats to your daughter!!! Yummy treat!

  10. Oh Christine, what an emotional day!!! So sorry to hear about the leak and I hope the insurance company play nicely! A couple of years ago one of my colleagues went off on a two week cruise and when they came home they found they had a leak that had destroyed their house! They had to move out for 5 months!

    Well done Emma, what a fab experience for her. Hope Clare has a safe journey.


  11. Oh no, your new kitchen! Hope you get it all sorted without too much hassle hun xx Congrats to Emma, and I'm glad you've had a lovely time with Clare xx Hugs, Lisa x

  12. oh gosh Hunny so sorry to hear about your kitchen gosh hope you get it sorted out hun,as for your daughter oh gosh you must be so proud of her hun,and she looks,brilliant in the photo bless her so happy too,good,luck to her Hun hugs Cherylxxxx

  13. Congratulations to both your daughters Christine, exciting times ahead for them both!
    And your kitchen....what a disaster! I can't even begin to imagine how it feels with all that's happened to that kitchen but I do hope the insurance company come through for you. Sarah xx

  14. Oh dear Christine, a lot going on for you ! hope the leak is fixed now...had our fair share of those!!great news about Emma, yummy cakes by Clare( could just eat one ),yes you will miss her too... big hugs :) Viv xx

  15. Congratulations to Emma!! My bestest (and oldest) friend Margaret is working at the Olympics..she's doing the water sports (as she calls them!) Aquatics I think?

    Oh dear, what a calamity! I would've still been a blubbing wreck! About 6 months after our kitchen was finished, Hal went upstairs for a shower and water came pouring through the kitchen lights!! The water had been seeping through the tiles and steadily building up!
    I hope you are all sorted out now!
    Big hugs
    Elaine xxx

  16. Hi Christine, what is it about kitchens / bathrooms and water leaks!!

    We had exactly the same thing happen to us after we'd moved in here - new kitchen, new shower in bathroom above and whoosh water through kitchen ceiling. Can still see the faint mark where they had to take a bit of the ceiling out and replace it.

    You must be so annoyed, hope the insurance company pays up without any hassle.

    Great new for Emma - you must be soo proud. Must be hard for you to have one of your girls living so far away from you, but so good that she is doing well in her career.

    Hope no trauma's this weekend!


  17. Hi Christine

    Well - good news - bad news - wow you've had it all.

    Hope everything gets cleared up for you soon.

    Thanks for dropping by to see me and leaving me some lovely comments.

    Ta ta for now.

    Hazel x


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