Tuesday 27 September 2011

Card for my brother and his wife...

Just a short post from me today...  this is a card for my older brother and his wife... we're off to a family gathering on Saturday as it's their Golden Wedding anniversary this week!  Can't wait to see everyone together... there are about 26 of us when you add in children, grandchildren etc.  I had two brothers and a sister - but sadly my sister passed away a couple of years back... and I still miss her - especially at gatherings like this will be!  But... I have wonderful memories of her and that's what counts!

Soooo....this card was inspired my Rosietoes on the DC forum (thank you!), who was in turn inspired by Pickle!  The printing is done on the PC and is as near gold as you can get.  If anyone wants the 'how to' to get the right colour... email me.  I think the rest is self explanatory - embossing folder for the background, and a swirls one for the hearts.. hearts nestie... . MS hearts edge punch.... bit of ribbon etc...   It's a bit of a different card for me.. (NO GLITTER.. swoon.....) But it's what I think will be right for the occasion, and nice that it's personalised.

Now...  I've been spending!  I've been having a few problems with my neck/head while I've been colouring lately... so I bought a basic table top drawing board which lifts my card to 45 deg from the table!  It's BRILLIANT!  It wasn't all that expensive - just under £60 - an expense I don't really need right now, but I think it'll be worth it's weight in gold.... and it folds flat - very easy to put away, so i can use it on the dining table and put it away when we eat!! LOL!  I live close to a place that sells these boards - and a very nice man there let me have the board cheaper than advertised.... if anyone is interested.. email me, as he says he'd do the same if I wanted more.

OK, my post wasn't that short....
Christine x

Sunday 25 September 2011

Yayyyy... we have a sentiment on a card!

Yes, this is me, with another card.... that's two in two days!  What's come over me?  Think it has something to do with my OH being at work all day yesterday and today!  But who's complaining when i get crafting time? LOL!  Today I'm off out to Harrogate with my DD... she has an interview this week and wants to look good!  Think the Next sale may be the place to go?

Now, onto the card....  Recipe as follows:
  • Nitwits Deer Friends Stamp Set
  • Paula Pascual Christmas Messages Sentiment Stamps
  • Sizzix Holly Embossing Folder - (seems to have been retired now - I may have had it for a while...)
  • Nesties - circle and scalloped circle
  • White, red and kraft cardstock
  • Craft Creations Red Polkadot paper (which is redder in real life - the pic has made it orange-y)
  • Copic pens
  • Glitter (of course......)

So there you have it....  and (as in the title)... I managed to put a sentiment on it!  He was a lovely little man to colour and I think he really pops out with the warm grey shadow around him... and he doesn't take that long to colour!

Have a happy Sunday everyone..
Chrisitne x

Friday 23 September 2011

Tweet Tweet......

Hi Girls

OK, after my feeble (in my eyes) attempt on Wednesday, I thought I bettr get my backside into gear and produce something half decent! LOL!  Soooo here's the result...

This image is from Stampendous Cling Rubber Stamps and is called "Tweet Top Hat" - (OK I added the extra tweet in the title for effect... )  It's a lovely image to colour, using my trusty pens.  I then cut out with a nestie, and embossed then sponged the edges with Versamagic in Wheat.  I used corrugated card for the mat.. then used Kraft cardstock (Bazzill) for the base of the card, and also a strip which I embossed in a Sizzix Embossing Folder with holly.  I used a Papermania sentiment ribbon too - then some little glass blobs that I got from the Harrogate show. 

Of course, it's finished with glitter....  both in the form of irridescent and stickles for the holly berries.  Yayyyy Christmas cards just shout glitter to me...... and our house starts resembling a snow globe....  glitter on every surface, and often in my hair and on my face!! LOL!

One thing I do have trouble with lately, is putting a proper sentiment on the front of a card.  Not that I don't have endless sentiment stamps and stuff.... just never seem to have the 'right' one or the 'right' place for it.  Will have to work on that one!

Anyway, hope you and yours are all doing OK.....  the sun is trying to shine here, but with the odd rain shower in between.  Yet another day when the garden can't be 'put away' for the winter!

Happy weekend all....
Chritine x

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Well I don't like this, but it seemed a good idea..

Hi Girls

Well.... after a couple of weeks, this is all I come up with (I hear you say....)  The answer is yes!  Dunno whats the matter with me....  I thought this may look nice, and used a couple of circle dies to cut out a ring.  I then used an Xcut punch for the snowflakes (after considering using a die and deciding against it on the grounds my arm would drop off after doing it so many times...)  Then I used some MeiFlower irridescent white (not lilac as they look) snowflakes with a couple of gems, then a splash of red with the ribbon bow.  All on a base of white linen card, with a layer of dotty embossing folder card inbetween.  And....... ewwwwww....... I don't like.. but thought I'd post it anyway.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmf!  Pffffffffffffffft....  (both words I got from webchat years ago - but fit well)

So... it's back to the drawing board.  I think I may just have a TAD too much stuff in my craft room.... the words 'wood' and 'trees' come to mind.

My only feeble excuse is I still have dental pain... though it seems to have turned into some kind of neuralgia which hurts in my temple and up to the top of my head.  I've had root canal work done, and a second filling - and am still not better than I started.  Yuck!

OK.......  Let me know what you think...... (about the card that is, not the tooth..)  As always, I'm happy for any comments that come my way...
Christine x

Friday 16 September 2011

No card.... but nature pics if you're interested...

Hi Girls
Just wanted to share some pics I took on a day out yesterday to the Dales...  and I even managed a short video!  The waterfall is Hardraw Force - and can only be reached through a pub (of course Barry had to stop for a pint.....)  It really is well worth the visit for anyone in the area - I can't describe how awesome it was - and we had a bit of sunshine to see it in too.... made it a fab day.  My daughter Emma and her flatmate Joe joined us - that's Joe on the video.  Anyway, check out the pics if you'd like to - i just had to share the wonders of nature!

Sorry for some reason I can't get these to load upright - you'll have to turn your heads... LOL!

View from road from Aysgarth to Grassington


I promise to get back to card making soon! LOL
Hugs to all
Christine x

Monday 12 September 2011

One year olds....

Hi Girls

Just a couple of real quick commissioned cards.... I used the images from the ClipArt Fairy which are ready coloured.... can you believe it?  But I did have to add my own colouring on the face, I think my printer was making these little babes look jaundiced!

I did love putting them together though, so simple to make and the lady who asked me for them was delighted as I personalised the inserts for the little ones.

Of course, I had to add glitter too didn't I????  well DIDN'T I????  I just cut out the images and 3D'd them onto linen card that I'd embossed with swiss dots.  And they were done! 

Now...... onto the next subject....  My name is Christine and I am an.......  an......  an.......  (can't put the word as last time I mentioned the word add**tion, I got odd comments suggesting that I needed help from p**n add**tion..... EEEEK!!)  But if you're still following my train of thought here.....  the proof is above!   This is what I bought from the Harrogate show......  (well plus a couple of My Favourite Things Dienamics which are already upstairs).  So there ya go..... I admit it.  I need H**P!!!  hehe (well don't all rush at once......think I'm sounding a tad Les Dawson-ish)    One of the dies that's not showing btw, is a curly tree die from MFT - looked absolutely fab at the show, but when I've cut it, and spent ages poking it out of the die, actually looks like a peel off!!!  Ooooohhhh!  Not sure what to do about that!

Enough rambling, I'm keeping you away from far more important things like card-making!

Bye for now and Big Hugs to all...... especially my new followers...  thanks for choosing me!
Christine xxx

Saturday 10 September 2011

Harrogate Show - Part 2!!

Hi Girls

Firstly, apologies for me being a very bad blogger (slap on hand)..... my darling OH has holiday at the moment, so we're taking some quality time together... we went to a spa hotel on Wed/Thurs... had the full heat/ice experience - firstly into hot rooms (sauna, crystal heat room, aromatherapy room type things.... ) but between each, we had to use ice in the ice room, or an ice cold plunge pool - or worst of all..... a bucket shower (bucket of ice cold water attached to a chain which my OH had to yank - which SOAKED me in ice cold water!) It was a fab experience tho, very invigorating... then we had the pool, jacuzzi etc to use too.... my lovely daughters treated us to it for Mother's day earlier in the year... ANYWAY, to cut the rabbitting, that's why i've not been around much! LOL!

Now onto what you really want to read! A FAB time was had by all today..... Loads of us bloggers met up..... and here's the proof!!

This was when we met up at the eating area - as you can see we were all downing our sandwiches and drinks before we set off on our second round of the stalls!  Christine (Nanaseaside -who seems to have been in two places at once...!) , Elaine (Technophobes Blog), Lisa (My Makes'n'me), and now I'm pushing it for the other names.... Kathleen, Mau, Hazel, Avril...  I think???? but correct me if I've got it totally wrong!  I'm afraid I'm useless and names and faces!  All I know is I'm the one in the grey top!

But I was REALLY surprised when someone came up to me in the entrance area and said... 'you're Christine aren't you????'  It was Sarah from Stressed Stamper... who had recognised me from my blog pic!  Wow!!!!  I'd not met her before and only knew she may be there, but out of all those throngs, she picked me out!  Well done Sarah... I must look as bad as my photo!! hehe! 

Soooooo  I had a fabulous day - lots of chatting and catching up with my lovely blog friends, some lovely RAK's from special people who I say a massive thank you to, and on top of all that, a papercraft show to look around and try not to spend at too!!  And girls.....  I never did get my Fancy Tags 2 (the only thing I went to buy), but I've now ordered it from the US on ebay.... with FREE postage!  And now, END OF spending till next year at least!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend - it was very hot and muggy today in the show, and now it's throwing it down..... so I'm going to chill and watch the X factor!

Big hugs to all....
Christine x

Sunday 4 September 2011

Harrogate GNPE show

Hi Girls

Just a quick post... Next weekend is what we've all been waiting for... the Great Northern Papercraft Extravaganza in Harrogate!  At the last show, I had the pleasure of meeting some of my lovely blogging buddies - we had a natter and a coffee.... and this year it would be really nice if any more would  like join in our little band!

Now, as I only live about 10/15 mins away from the show toward the A1M (in Wetherby), if anyone coming over would like a cuppa and a piece of cake at my house AFTER the show before their trek home, they'd be very very welcome!  In fact it would be really lovely to see you here. 

So, let me know what time roughly you'll be arriving at the show.... maybe we could meet like last time at around 11.30 ish at the eating area?  I can't wait!  But could I ask that PLEASE, someone hold on to my purse/bank card for me and convince me that i DO NOT need any more nesties when I beg??  LOL!

Hugs and Happy Sunday to all..
Christine x
PS.... Forgot to put that it's the Saturday...

Thursday 1 September 2011

Misery calling...

Hi Girls

Well I'm still here, but am still miserable with toothache, but now it's got into the side of my head with pains in my temple and up to the top of my head.  I'm getting really fed up with it, and am at the dentist again tomorrow.  He's done the root canal bit, but not finished the tooth as he had me on antibiotics this week.  I ended up at the docs yesterday as I was really worried about the pain in my temple - it's very hot around there, and a strong pulse - which is not letting me sleep properly.  Anyway, she thinks it's related to the tooth prob, but is having blood tests done in case there is any inflammation etc.  Of course, I worry, 'what if there is.....?'  You know how we cross bridges before we get to them?  Well i do anyway!  She asked me how my eyesight was....  and I said OK...  but now am questioning is it???? LOL!

Right...  so I'm trying to explain my absence from commenting this week.....  I'm sorry, but sitting looking at the screen for long periods doesn't help.  I have been having a glance from time to time, but that's about all.  So apologies.... and I'll be back to my commenting self soon I hope.

Soooo onto my card....  I needed a relatively simple card to do, just to keep my mind occupied.  Sooo I used a Christy Croll image from Stamping Bella called Bffabugg.....   and coloured these little mites in with my trusty pens.  I used the oval nestie and then sponged while the nestie was still attached with versacolour in wheat.  Loads of glitter of course for these two little fairies!  Then I used Making Memories Boho DP (the dotty one), and the green one is Prima Marketing, hmmmm can't remember the name of the pad, think it's to do with fairies tho...  Some little daisy trim, and some stickles around the edge completed it.

Now...  what do you think of this?  I saw something similar in York a couple of weeks back, in one of the fancy gift shops......... and I thought....... "I can do that!"..... so I had a go!  It's kept my mind off my pain a bit this week so it's been good for me.. and really didn't take much doing.  I love things like this, think I'm turning into Kirsty Alsopp LOL!  It cost me a fraction of what it was selling for in the gift shop.

Right.....  sorry for rattling on - you know what they say, 'misery loves company'......  but needed to explain why I've not been commenting......

Hugs to all
Christine x