Sunday 3 June 2012

Little things......

Hi Best Blogging Buddies..

Hope you're all having a lovely day watching the river pageant and celebrating!  GRRRR I've been stuck on the settee with my foot propped up on cushions - I have cellulitis and my right foot resembles something like a red balloon... complete with water blisters on top - yuck!!  But I'm on with the anti-biotics now... so hopefully it should feel slightly better tomorrow.... hope so as we're supposed to be going to a Jubilee Proms night!

So.....  as I needed to do SOMETHING crafty today in the short time I could be upright, I shot up (well limped and hopped actually) to my craft room, and dug out a freebie stamp from Pink Petticoat that I got with a mag last year.  I saw some similar cards on Mandy's blog - A Little Space of My Own - so thought I'd try my take on them - thanks for the idea Mandy.  They're very self explanatory.....  stamped, coloured, glittered, then punched with a tool, and cord or yarn put through and knot tied!  Very simple, but effective I think!

What did you think of the pageant?  Wasn't she a trooper standing all that time???  AND WOW to that choir who sang for her in that downpour!  British eccentricity at it's best!  I can image even with the rain, it would be a magical experience for all that took part. 

And talking of rain, my daughter Emma is currently in North Cornwall.....  she's driving the van which is providing the support for a group of cyclists from York who set off this morning from Land's End - and they are cycling to John O'Groats in a week!!!  She has told me it's bucketing it down, but it's still not stopping them....  at least she's driving the van - on her own, but dry!  They're raising money for some wonderful charities - Yorkshire Air Ambulance being one, and also to raise money for treatment for a little boy with Neuroblastoma (not sure I've spelled that right).  I hope they do really well - and even think Emma's task is hard - driving that far!!!  If anyone would fancy donating just a little, their page is:  I'm sure they'd be very grateful.  Their Facebook page is!/LEJOGTeam2012

And lastly...  our hols!!  I've not been able to get much on my blog about them up to now.....  suffice to say we had a wonderful time until the last couple of days when it rained...  I love the South of France with all it's opulence.... and there is something magic about Antibes...   Think I should have one of those gin palaces that are moored in the marina there...  can you imagine having craft sessions on one of those?????  YES!!

Thought I'd show you just a few pics... the top is in Mougins with my daughter, the second is me waiting for my crepe in Antibes... (we did FOOD a lot!! hehe), and the bottom one is just after I'd parked and was about to get on our little boat....  (in my dreams!!)  You can tell, it was a bit breezy that day, made parking the boat SOOOOO difficult!

Sorry for being picture heavy.......  I'm going to save the kitchen till my next post.....  and believe it or not, it's NEARLY finished!  April 16th it was ripped out, so it can't come soon enough!

Big hugs and have a lovely couple of bank holiday days!

Christine x


  1. They are all so gorgeous Christine...and I hope you leg is better soon hun :o)

    love the pageant the Queen done well...and Ooh the choir was a tad wet..bless them...and your piccies are fabulous too...wish we had some of that lovely sun here..!

    big hugs Vicky xx

  2. Well, first of all I hope your foot is better soon, must be awful for you.
    Your cards are fabulous, such an effective design and I love your holiday pictures too.
    It has been a shame about the weather we are used to it by now I suppose!!

    All the best

  3. Love your beautiful and elegant cards.
    Love your holiday pics looks like you had a lovely time and I hope your foot gets better soon.
    Hugs Emma xx

  4. Hi Christine, your little just because cards are fabulous! you're pretty good at CAS Mrs!
    Now that foot sounds horrible - yuk! however do you get that?
    Loved the pictures of your hols, your little boat is adorable and I think you made a great job of parking!! lol
    Can't wait to see the kitchen
    Big Hugs Laurie xx

  5. Your cards are really pretty. LOve the twine threaded through.
    Fab pics .. it looks gorgeous - and i do hope your leg heals soon.. not nice!
    Lisa x

  6. Such cute little cards and the holiday looks like it was fun...

  7. Hi Christine honey, seems like ages since I have been here! Your cards are just wonderful, I wish I could do this style so well!! Your foot sounds horrid, I hope it clears soon. And thanks for sharing you great photos! Looks like you had a great time! Enjoy the proms! Pami x

  8. Hi Christine, hope the tablets kick in soon and you are back on your feet, your cards are brilliant, they look so good. Your holiday sounds lovely and looking forward to seeing your kitchen.
    Suzie xx

  9. Your cards are so pretty and so effective. Love the yarn through them.

    The pics are lovely too. It's not been too bad weather wise in Devon today. Not sure when Emma will be coming through so hope it holds for her and her team.

    Keep that foot up honey, hope it is on the mend really soon.

  10. Hi Christine, hope you feel better soon, I'm sure the antibiotics will have you raring to go in no time!

    Lovely collection of cards, their simplicity makes them very striking and I love this style of card, I'm just rubbish at making them!

    Take care honey

    Love Elaine xx

  11. Good for your daughter, spending time for such good causes! Go, Emma!

    What sweet, chic cards you've made! Clean and Simple and very elegant!

    I hope your cellulitis gets better soon - what a pain it must be! Take care!

    love Mags B x

  12. I love your CAS cards Christine, and love the way the way you've tied the twine through ~ I might borrow that idea if that's ok! Poor you, I hope your foot gets better quickly, it must be pretty painful :( Sarah x

  13. Glad you enjoyed your hols; sad you have a bad leg. Get well soon...and the cards are FAB!
    Chris xxx

  14. Ooooooooooooh dear, I had cellulitis in my hand about 3 years ago, not an experience I want to repeat!
    I love your stunning set of CAS cards, they are superb. Lovely photographs too although I did get a crick in the neck looking at the second one :o)
    Jackie xx

  15. Happy jubilee hun. sorry you are not too good - I am still full of cold..Weldone you for spotting my white stuff buttons - my fave shop...great cards - so simple - but stunning.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  16. HI christine

    I am just loving these cards they are absolutely FANTASTIC!

    You asked about how I gather the seam binding on my card - I just use a strip of very high tack (red) tape and just fold it over and it just sticks - and that's it.

    Thanks so much for your kind comments - I really do appreciate it - alot!

    Have a great week.


    Hazel xx

  17. Your poor leg and foot Christine - I hope the medication gets to work FAST!
    Love the little cards - so dainty.

    Wouldn't mind a sail in that boat that's for sure!

    Edna x

  18. stunning cards christine.i love the simple pretty design and great pics of your holiday :D
    i hope your foot is better soon.

    xx coops xx

  19. morning sweetie, I love the colour you have used on these fabulous creations, big hugs love Pops x x x

  20. These are so PRETTY!~ Get better soon!!~

  21. Hi Christine, what a lovely post to read, except the bit about your cellulitis! Hope that's cleared up soon!

    Your cards are just gorgeous - less is definitely more with these!

    Fab holiday photos - you made me laugh about the boat!

  22. Ack! Can't wait to see your kitchen, Christine! And looks like you had a fab holiday - like the car, it's a bit like mine (NOT!).

    Gorgeous little cards - so simple and effective - love 'em!


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