Saturday 8 October 2011

Just a quickie - GRRRRRRRRRR

Hi Girls...
Just a quickie to let you know that I am posting comments like a good'un.........  but quite often they are disappearing off into cyberspace.... sometimes they eventually appear, and sometimes I think they don't! GRRRR! Anyway, just to let you know if you haven't had a comment off me, I promise I DID!!  Anyone any thoughts on why this is happening?  I press 'post comment' and it disappears!

Now a fab bit of news..... I WON Elaine's candy over at A Technophobe's Blog!  How good is that!!  So as my thank you comment on her blog has disappeared.... I'm saying a MASSIVE thank you on here!!  I now have six of the new Fairy Glen Sugar Nellie stamps to choose from......  well, you know me and fairies... i just drool!!!

I'm off to Leeds today to the Samuel Taylor demo day... looking forward to it, though not sure about the driving there..... I hate busy traffic!  But I'll have my trusty satnav on......hope it works and that I don't pass your window at some point in the day....
Christine x


  1. Morning Christine many congrats on your awesome stamp candy sure you will put them to good use..lucky you going to a demo day...
    enjoy..youll be fine..

    smiles Christine the other

  2. Hi Christine .. congrats on your win! .. and have a fabulous day .. cant wait to hear all about it
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Christine, I'm having all sorts of problems with Blogger - the main one being it's not always telling me when blogs I'm following are updated. That's why I've missed your beautiful card in your last post and your fantastic news!!! Congrats on your DT post and your candy win. Hope you have a fab day today. xxxx

  4. We4ll done on your win, have a great day.
    Chris x

  5. Wow, congrats on your candy win, Elaine is the best!!! I'm sure you'll love the fairies. BTW, I've got comments this week from you, so I know you're still around !!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by too.

  6. I solved my commenting problem with using Firefox instead of perfectly now Cjrostone...wwwooooohhhhhhoooo way to go on your fab win, you are so going to love those fairies I promise
    Mina xxx

  7. Congrats on your win Christine.Thanks for the comments you have left me,I am also finding the same problems as you with leaving comments.
    Wendy xx

  8. Congratulations Mrs!! Hope to see the fruits of your win stamped and in their full glory on here soon!
    Love your fairy card below Christine and its not pink!!!
    Big Hugs Laurie x

  9. Oh hun....well done on your fabulous win..! you will love the new stamps...and I cannot get enough of

    Oh and comments..I getting the same issues too...and don't worry I have been getting them and I hope you are getting mine..!

    And scrim...pop to B&Q and ask for plaster get a massive box for a couple of £...and just screw it up and I have stained some too...fabulous stuff...and Steve...I throw him in for!

    have a super day...hugs Vicky xx

  10. Ooh congrats on your candy win, have fun with your new stamps! I've ordered quite a few of them, very naughty of me lol. Hope you have a great time at the demo :o) Lisa x

  11. Hi Christine, congrats on the candy win. Seems like you are on a lucky streak - do you do the lottery? Maybe you should! Your comments are appearing fine on my blog. Sarah


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