Thursday, 10 May 2012

Found these I did a while back.

Hi my good friends..

Well, in lieu of a card which I've not been able to make due to one thing and another...  I thought I'd share with you these water-colours that I unearthed while trying to put all the stuff back in my craft room.  These were paintings I did when I took a water colour course in 2004.  They've never seen the light of day since then, and were in a massive storage box with lots of other stuff.  It was actually a course with a qualification at the end of it... my lovely OH and me took it and we both passed (but then again - I didn't come across anyone who failed!)  Anyway, I've now put them up on the craft room wall, the bigger one needs a new mount as when I painted it, I had no money and couldn't afford to have a frame made, so had to make do with the cheapest I could find.  The others still have cellophane around them (and you can see where the title was too), as they were up on display for the examiner.  (The sharp eyes can see my reflection in the glass on the bigger one..)

Hmmmm somehow I don't think I'm a budding Picasso......

The saga of the kitchen goes on........  you know we had the wrong tiles delivered at the weekend?  So the tiler couldn't do his bit.....which will now have to wait till after our holiday.  Well today was the turn of the flooring man.  We went to order what we wanted last week.....  brought home all the samples books, and after much deliberation, decided on the blackest there was, as the work surfaces are black.  Today, the carpet fitter came (it's not carpet, it's cushion-floor, but hey..), I shut the kitchen door and left him to it.....  went back in to hand him the regulation cup of tea, and wouldn't you know it, the flooring was grey and NOT what I'd chosen.  I rang the company who wanted me to check the sample against what had been supplied, so off carpet fitter trotted and returned - only for me to be proved right, that the sample was a totally different shade...... definitely BLACK and not GREY.  Soooooo I have another fight on my hands.  I was so close to tears.  In fact, strike that, I WAS in tears.  Could anything else go wrong?  The kitchen fitter is now coming back after our meal tonight, to finish the plinths.....  but they'll all have to come off again when the cushionfloor manufacturer admits he used the wrong bottle of dye.

Now....  on the plus side, complete with thermal vest still, we are off to the South of France this weekend for our much needed holiday....  the downside is that we have to come back to move all the kitchen stuff out of the dining room back into the kitchen, then the rest of my craft stash back into my craft room.  So you probably won't see me around for a bit.....  but I haven't slashed my wrists over the kitchen debacle...... I'll just be sunning myself......  that is, if our accomodation hasn't been double booked or anything.....

Sorry for whining...... but thank you all for being there for me to whine to...
Big hugs to all my blogging buddies.
Christine x


  1. Your pictures are fab Christine - don't be so hard on yourself.
    What a saga you are having with the kitchen. I wonder if people really listen any more or just imagine they've heard what you said? I hope the flooring etc is sorted out soon. You'll feel a lot better after a holiday - more rested and ready for the final hurdle.
    Have a wonderful time and try to relax.

    Edna x

  2. Oh Christine you poor poor thing. You will get there with the kitchen so try not to fret. Try and relax on holiday and when you get back you will feel a lot stronger to face everything.

    Your paintings are amazing! Don't put yourself down!

    Take care hon and sending hugs.
    Pam x

  3. Oh heck - sounds like you really need that Holiday Christine.. and make sure you just relax.. and forget all about the kitchen for a while.
    Why not take your water colours .. and paint whilst you are there - these pics are fabulous ..
    Lisa x

  4. Hi Christine, it does sound like you are having a bad time of it at the mo! Like I said before, been there - got the T-shirt and come out the other side! It is worth it, but there were points when we were ready to give up as well. Glad we didn't now as the conversion looks lovely, but it was in the balance for a while!

    I'd say go enjoy your holiday and forget about the kitchen for a bit.

    Love the watercolours as well - I've never been able to pain or draw and would love to be able to but am terrible at it!

    The moody tree is my fav - do love a good moody picture!

    Enjoy your hols,

  5. oh Hun,bless your heart,gosh it sounds,like you are having,a real time of,it at the moment sweetie,bless you really hope you get things,sorted Hun,and really hope you have a wonderful holiday Hun it will do your good sweetie,as for your picture oh wow its,just brilliant,you are so so talented Hun this is amazing,hugs Cherylxx

  6. Lovely to see your beautiful watercolours Christine. Sorry to hear about your kitchen. Although, I'm glad to hear it's not only me that has problems whenever we get a man in. Never had a job go right for us yet! xx

  7. Oh Christine so sorry to hear that your kitchen is still causing problems :(
    I really love your paintings I think they're all equally gorgeous .
    Hope you have a lovely time on holidays :)
    Hugs Emma xx

  8. Hi Christine, your pictures are gorgeous - you are so clever!!

    I think a holiday will do you the world of good and when you come back you'll be refreshed and feel more able to tackle the kitchen situation. Once you're away the whole thing will stop feeling so urgent and stressful.
    Have a wonderful time!!

  9. the watercolours are really lovely, you should try it on some images when you are more sorted. I hope you have a fantastic time in France and just think in another month you will look back and have your wonderful kitchen everything in its place and laugh at all the problems.
    Suzie xx

  10. Well hats off to you Christine cos watercolouring is mega hard !

    Have a smashing holiday

    Love Katy x

  11. Hi Christine, Beautiful paintings! Sorry to hear about the kitchen saga :-( Hope you have a lovely holiday.

    Lisa x

  12. Oh poor you Christine but don't give up hope it WILL all be worth it in the end! All this nightmare will give you an amazing tale to tell at dinner parties lol, not sure about your black work tops - I have them in mine and they annoy me so much!!! Every smear shows up tenfold!!!
    Your watercolours are fantastic and I've just been looking at your cards I missed. I love your Nellie snellen fairy you really do do pink very well!
    Have a fabulous holiday Mrs, there's no doubt you deserve it! I will sort the feathers out for you when I get back from Leicester
    Hugs Laurie xx

  13. Oh dear... hope you have a really fabulous holiday to take your mind off all the stress! Hopefully it'll all go a bit smoother from now on, fingers crossed!

    I think your paintings look great - love the tree one :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  14. Amazing watercolours, I really love the middle one. Hope you enjoy your holiday, you poor thing, you deserve a really good break after all those disasters!!

  15. Morning sweetie, I love these the colours are fabulous, huggles Pops x x

  16. Oh hugs to you Christine honey! What a palavar - decorating is so stressful!! We are doing our bedrooms and I can't believe how bl**dy long it takes! Really feeling for ya!

    I love your watercolours - much better than I could ever do!!

  17. Great watercolours, I wouldn't know where to start, glad youv'e put them up.
    Oh dear me, what a nightmare, poor you, hope everything gets sorted pdq.
    Have a fabulous holiday and forget about the kitchen, just relax.

    Kath x

  18. your paintings are fabulous christine.i really love the 2nd one, so atmospheric :D
    i hope you have a great holiday and that all your kitchen woes will be over soon , it must be so frustrating :D

    xx coops xx

  19. Oh honey, I came over her to say how beautiful those paintings were, and then read all about your kitchen problems. I hope that they sort it out without much of a fuss. You need to try to relax and forget about it so that you can enjoy your holiday. You will really enjoy the kitchen once it is done. Have a fab time away.

  20. Hi christine

    Wow girl - what a talented lady you are. I think your watercolours are great.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Thanks for popping by to see me.

    Toodley Pip

    Hazel xx

  21. Wonderful paintings Christine, have a wonderful holiday :o)
    Jackie xx

  22. Fab paintings Christine, hope your kitchen is sorted now too. We once got a bright red carpet delivered instead of a nice shade of burgundy, weould have needed sunglasses with teh red one lol :) Viv xx


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