Thursday 15 December 2011

At last... I've finished (I think..)

Hi Girls

Well at last, I've finished my Christmas cards and got them all posted!  It seems like it's been a mammoth task this year, don't know why, but now they're done I can relax.

My card today uses one of the Digi Stamp Boutique's Cute Robin Collection which was nice and easy to do.... some colouring and shading, then some glittering and layering!  I had to make eight of these, so they needed to be easy!  Just looking at the photo now, it looks like I've got it uneven on the red glitter paper, but honest - all sides are even on the real thing!  I think it's the angle the pic was taken.... at least I hope so!

To catch you up on things in Christine world (for those interested) - I've been to the dentist yet again today as I keep having pain in my mouth and terrible pains up the side of my head..... and saw a different guy today as my normal dentist was off.  I've not slept properly for a few nights again now and am getting p*****d off to put it mildly!  ANYWAY, the upshot is that this guy thinks I have ..... now wait for it......  myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome...... which apparently is not toothache - but mimics it as it's muscular at the top of the jaw... and i have to put heat on it, rest it (some hope as it resting means not eating!), take painkillers and massage it.  It's something to do with the lactic acid in the muscle causing a lot of pain.  SOOOOO I'm a bit fed up to say the least.  The other thing he said was not to worry about it (soooo easy said...) as the emotional stress makes it worse!  Then later today I went to the docs as I had to have a routine blood test cos my iron is low - and the nurse there told me my blood pressure had shot up........  Well, I've been in tears most of the rest of the day so now my mouth hurts HORRIBLY!

Sooo I'll just shut up now and go get my lavender bag and stick it in the microwave - then strangle myself with it!!  Anyone know a good field and a guy with a shotgun???  Think I need it!! LOL

Big Hugs to you all....
Christine xx


  1. A gorgeous card Christine,love the

  2. A fabulous card, love the cute robin, sorry about all your ailements, hope you manage to get them sorted by next week.

    Kath x

  3. Awww Christine, you sound right fed up! Don't blame you though, it's horrible having a constant pain isn't it - I should know I've got a hubby of one ;-)

    On a serious note tho, you have my sympathies, it's so rotten going to medical people and them saying it could be this, or that, or this and then not being able to help properly. I do hope you manage to relax somehow and the pain eases.

    On a happier note, your card is very sweet and the image is gorgeous and the paper doesn't look uneven at all to me.


  4. Oh sweetie, I feel for you! I had that, and was given the same advice - and it's so difficult to follow the advice! I was told to relax my jaw (basically by letting my double chin sag!) as well as the warmth (a hot water bottle) and massage. It actually worked - though it wasn't a stressful time of year like Xmas. I hope it works for you and the pain goes away ASAP!

    Lovely card, that robin is so sweet!

    Take care! love, Mags B xx

  5. Poor you hun..! Sounds like your in the wars at the mo...hope the pain goes soon and your BP drops...I bet it's down to the stress of the nasty day that's made it go up :o(

    Hope you feel better soon...sending cyber hugs your way oh, blw...your card is gorgeous as ever...big hugs Vicky xx

  6. Ooo Christine I am so not a fan of the dentist or anything mouth and pain related poor you! This card is very lovely your colouring is superb, we would love for you to enter over at Divas by deisgn for our xmas challenge we are having a DT call too! Hugs Rebekah xx

  7. Oh Christine poor you!! You seem to have had this toothache forever! At least now they seem have diagnosed it! So no eating or TALKING from you for a while - I couldn't live without both - lots of both! I really hope you soon feel better Hunny especially before next week.
    your card is just super darling cute!! I wish I'd done all mine -groan - I actually posted some today but I'm so far behind with my Christmas preparations its not even funny!
    Hugs Laurie x

  8. Oh Christine .. i hope you can rest your jaw.. and keep calm.. so that you can enjoy your Christmas next week.
    I have all the cards made just not written or posted !!
    But will try and do so today.
    LOve that cute little Robin - even though he is a bird lol..
    Take care
    Lisa x

  9. Morning sweetie this is stunning, I love the cute image hugs pops x

  10. Awww Christine sorry your STILL having probs with your mouth..its easy for others to tell you NOT to worry..hope you get some relief with the warmth..gorgeous sweet robin creation..take care speak soon.

    smiles Christine the other one..xx

  11. Aww Christine, I'm sorry you're having so much pain, you sound really fed up hun... sending hugs, hope it's much better soon xxx

    Love your card, such a cute image and beautifully coloured - isn't it annoying when photos make things look wonky, happens to me a lot! Lisa x

  12. aw christine.i think i would ask to be referred to a specialist concerning your mouth, there must a better solution than having to pop painkillers all the time , i would imagine that is what has sent your blood pressure up too.
    i hope you feel lots better soon hun and i love your card,the robin is so gorgeous :D

    xx coops xx

  13. Oh you poor thing, I hope you are soon feeling much better. Don't take the shooting option as it's very messy!
    I love you gorgeous CAS card, and isn't it satisfyting when to finish them :o)
    Jackie xx

  14. Oh ((((((((hugs))))))))), I'm so sorry you are feeling so poorly. Get better FAST! This card is just too cute for words. He's (I'm assuming it's a he) is adorable. Love it you talented lady. xo, Coleen


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