Tuesday 5 April 2011

Will I be chucked out of Blogland?????

Hi Girls

Hmmmmm do you think I'm going to be ex-communicated? Have you spotted it yet? My daughter 'played with an image that I'd coloured on Sunday! My image was a RAK from a good friend (thank you!!!), and I coloured her in my favourite lilacs...... then my DD decided she needed that bit extra.... (think she may have heard me mutter that at some time or other..... Anyway - she did the deed! And I've got to say I still love her (both the image and my DD)!!

Coloured with my copics, (got to say a bit thank you to Nic at Coops Cluttered Corner for her tutorial on hair colouring!) and using a DP that's been in my stash for years - with a textured paper on the base again that's been with me for years. I used my nesties to cut her out and frame her...... then an xcut tag for the sentiment which was hand written. Oh and a bit of lovely guipure (sp?) lace and seam binding on the front too. The card was finished off with a bit of glitter... (of course!), and some sparkly gems in the top corners.

This is the first Tilda I've ever coloured, and I wanted to try, hence the RAK from my good friend.... and I think I may be hooked! ("Groan, groan" from my purse in the corner....)

I've not done much otherwise today apart from 'bottom' the bedroom! Anyone know what that means or is it just a family saying? My mum and sister used to use it, to mean cleaning and dusting EVERYTHING in a room! Anyway.... it's been threatening for a while, and now it's done.

Oooooooooohhhhhhh and exciting news....... I received a parcel from my friend in the US this afternoon, with a Martha Stewart Scoreboard in it! I've been trying to get hold of one for ages - and they're not sold much in this country - or at least I couldn't find one....... so my friend got one for me over there... She's LOVELY and I'm a very lucky lady!

And now I'm off to play with it after rattling on and on.....

Hugs to all

Christine xx
PS..... I've entered this in the cute and girlie challenge over on By the Cute and Girly


  1. Oh dear Christine - that really brought a smile to my face (no pun intended)! I have often had the same thought myself - I mean, how can you go through life without sniffing and smiling!!
    Your colouring is fabulous, and your daughter's artwork is brilliant!!
    Hugs, Sylvia xxx
    PS: I will look out for you on Look North tonight!

  2. Are my eyes deceiving me Christine??????? what do i see????? days of no projects and then one with Tilda on it lol!! I think i will have to consult the comittee to see if you can stay lol. Love the lilac .. and the lace and the DP.. so i think i love it all.. and you can stay .... IF.., you enter our cute and girly challenge at By the cute and girly this month lol Lisa xx

  3. She's beautiful, Christine. I love lilac too and I love your papers. You've coloured her beautifully and the layout is lovely too. Love the additional features too, gives her a whole new look, and really cute. I don't think you're going to be escorted off the premises yet. Never heard your cleaning expression before, new one to me. I'd ask hubby if it's a northern thing as he's a Yorkshireman, but I can guess that if it is a question about cleaning then he'll not know. I have learnt a whole new vocabulary since I met him (like bread cakes, Hendersons and gennels) but that's not one of them. Annette xx

  4. Well blast it all. I had a really nice paragraph written and I boo-boo'd and deleted it. Grrrrr! Anyhoo, Chris, she's GORGEOUS! I don't think I've ever seen her look so good. Seriously, you did a fab job on her. Your shading is incredible. ------> wants private shading lessons.

    In the Navy we called your kind of cleaning "field day", not to be confused with another slang term "he's having a field day" which describes someone having an enjoyable time. I can't for one minute think that anyone would misconstrue either your kind of cleaning or mine as anything Enjoyable! lol

    You'd best frame that card. She deserves no less. Hugs, Coleen

  5. Oh Christine love the card! just beautiful!! and thanks for making me lol!

  6. Hi Christine I had a comm ready when you posted then got booted off...start again its your image you do what you want..
    some peeps dont like Tilda cos she hasnt got a mouth..fab colour yummy lace..& yes I call it "Bottoming" too..& I'm from "Up Norf"..LOL
    You lare a lucky lady getting a MS score board..I got a Scor pal instead but would have liked the MS cos the grooves are closer together..off for a hunt NOW..

    smiles the other Christine xx

  7. gorgeous card christine.i love the tilda and think she looks better with a nose and mouth.your lilac colours and details are beautiful.
    big thanks for the mention too (blushing)

    xx coops xx

  8. Ooh Christine you are funny! lol I love that Tilda has an expression - you may have started a craze LOL can you let me have your address please?
    Your card is beautiful and surprise NOT pink!
    Hugs Laurie x

  9. Its a northern saying _ say it too hun!....Tilda with a mouth yes I like it, but I like them minus a mouth too - and hanglars - sounds peaceful - children minus mouths!...
    Sarah x

  10. that made me smile (sorry couldnt resist lol)...I cant believe you havent managed to colour a Magnolia before thats shocking but oh no now you will be addicted Christine...I love the colour too
    Mina xxx

  11. Hi Christine, well I think she looks much better with a nose and mouth; will I get thrown out of blogland for that, or for admitting that Tilda's actually freak me out a bit because they don't have mouths! Gorgeous card, I love it! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, I really appreciate it.xx

  12. Oh Dear Christine, what can I say? I thought it was you and me against the Tilda world?
    And now I see you have deserted and abandoned me and gone over to 'the dark side'.
    Is there really only me in blogland who doesn't get the Tilda/hAnglar thing?

    It is a beautiful card though, your colouring is perfect as are the colours and papers.
    What a pair we make eh? You add stuff to the image and I hack bits off!

    We say 'bottom' too, in regard to the cleaning. One of my Mums sayings, and for some strange reason it was always directed to me is "You're as awkward as Dick's hat band" OK? So where on Earth does that originate from??

    Have a fabby weekend Christine
    Love Elaine xx

  13. Adorable. Tilda looks cute with a nose and a mouth too. ;) Thanks for joining us over at By the Cute and Girly this month and good luck. Hugs, Hanna

  14. Such a gorgeous card, love Tilda and the papers.
    Hugs Emma x

  15. This did make me smile sweetie, i make hundereds of these cards and people always draw on a face lol, gorgeous colours hugs pops x


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