Thursday 1 September 2011

Misery calling...

Hi Girls

Well I'm still here, but am still miserable with toothache, but now it's got into the side of my head with pains in my temple and up to the top of my head.  I'm getting really fed up with it, and am at the dentist again tomorrow.  He's done the root canal bit, but not finished the tooth as he had me on antibiotics this week.  I ended up at the docs yesterday as I was really worried about the pain in my temple - it's very hot around there, and a strong pulse - which is not letting me sleep properly.  Anyway, she thinks it's related to the tooth prob, but is having blood tests done in case there is any inflammation etc.  Of course, I worry, 'what if there is.....?'  You know how we cross bridges before we get to them?  Well i do anyway!  She asked me how my eyesight was....  and I said OK...  but now am questioning is it???? LOL!

Right...  so I'm trying to explain my absence from commenting this week.....  I'm sorry, but sitting looking at the screen for long periods doesn't help.  I have been having a glance from time to time, but that's about all.  So apologies.... and I'll be back to my commenting self soon I hope.

Soooo onto my card....  I needed a relatively simple card to do, just to keep my mind occupied.  Sooo I used a Christy Croll image from Stamping Bella called Bffabugg.....   and coloured these little mites in with my trusty pens.  I used the oval nestie and then sponged while the nestie was still attached with versacolour in wheat.  Loads of glitter of course for these two little fairies!  Then I used Making Memories Boho DP (the dotty one), and the green one is Prima Marketing, hmmmm can't remember the name of the pad, think it's to do with fairies tho...  Some little daisy trim, and some stickles around the edge completed it.

Now...  what do you think of this?  I saw something similar in York a couple of weeks back, in one of the fancy gift shops......... and I thought....... "I can do that!"..... so I had a go!  It's kept my mind off my pain a bit this week so it's been good for me.. and really didn't take much doing.  I love things like this, think I'm turning into Kirsty Alsopp LOL!  It cost me a fraction of what it was selling for in the gift shop.

Right.....  sorry for rattling on - you know what they say, 'misery loves company'......  but needed to explain why I've not been commenting......

Hugs to all
Christine x


  1. Awww Christine sorry your still in lots of pain..fingers crossed it all gets sorted at the nxt app.. your bound to worry when you get pain like that..wouldnt be normal if you for leaving comms. your health is more important right now!! && we need you well for Set 10th the craft fair..your likkle ard is so sweet & as for your other handiwork I have seen something like it on telly well done you..

    take care speak soon the other Christine xx

  2. aw sorry you have still got the awful toothache. it sounds like you have an infection.i hope you can get some meds to sort you out soon.
    don`t worry about commenting just get yourself better first.
    i love your card, the image is so sweet and your colours are gorgeous.
    take care and i hope you feel better soon :D

    xx coops xx

  3. Auck Christine sorry to hear youre still suffering. Your card is beautiful and love the heart wreath. Christine I got the flat back pearls from a ebayer from China username cnlalang. I know its from China but Ive had wonderful service from them. I got my order within 10 days. If you go into advanced on the search bar on ebay and search the name, their shop should come up. And as for volume on my flowers, I use hot glue, would that make a difference?? Im not sure. Lee xx

  4. OMG at first with the title I thought it was a post from, my other half.
    So sorry you are still having trouble with you teeth, there is nothing worse than toothache in any way shape or form.
    Glad you managed to make a card though, so very cute and love the colours.

    Kath x

  5. oh i am so sorry to hear you are still in pain Christine... fingers crossed it gets sorted soon.
    Cute little card - and i am just loving that heart .. its gorgeous
    Lisa x

  6. oooh poor you there is nothing worse than toothache, sound like you had an abcess in there too!

    Your card is fab I love that image but the ribbon heart is fantastic! it looks so effective and would make great gifts at Christmas - who's a clever girl - even with toothache!

    Hugs Laurie x

  7. Hate toothache and yours seems to have gone on for ages....hang in there - great posting hun - 2 great get off the pc
    Sarah x

  8. Gorgeous card and heart Christine, love the image on your card and lovely colours.
    Hope you get sorted with the toothache soon and feel loads better.
    Hugs Emma x

  9. Gorgeous sweetie, there is nothing worse than toothache hope yu feel better soon sweet lady ♥ ♥ Pops x x x

  10. Hi Christine, just spotted this!! So hope you are all recovered now, I really truly hate dentists and all thing dental related - almost as much as I'm paranoid about wasps!! Love the wreath, looks like you paid a fortune for it. Sarah

  11. Love the card and heart, so sorry about your toothache....nothing worse is there:O( Viv xx

  12. Sorry to read you have been having a bad time with your tooth Christine..Nothing worse than dental pain! ((hugs))

    You'd deffo give Kirsty a run for her money with that it's stunning

    Kerry x


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