Saturday 10 September 2011

Harrogate Show - Part 2!!

Hi Girls

Firstly, apologies for me being a very bad blogger (slap on hand)..... my darling OH has holiday at the moment, so we're taking some quality time together... we went to a spa hotel on Wed/Thurs... had the full heat/ice experience - firstly into hot rooms (sauna, crystal heat room, aromatherapy room type things.... ) but between each, we had to use ice in the ice room, or an ice cold plunge pool - or worst of all..... a bucket shower (bucket of ice cold water attached to a chain which my OH had to yank - which SOAKED me in ice cold water!) It was a fab experience tho, very invigorating... then we had the pool, jacuzzi etc to use too.... my lovely daughters treated us to it for Mother's day earlier in the year... ANYWAY, to cut the rabbitting, that's why i've not been around much! LOL!

Now onto what you really want to read! A FAB time was had by all today..... Loads of us bloggers met up..... and here's the proof!!

This was when we met up at the eating area - as you can see we were all downing our sandwiches and drinks before we set off on our second round of the stalls!  Christine (Nanaseaside -who seems to have been in two places at once...!) , Elaine (Technophobes Blog), Lisa (My Makes'n'me), and now I'm pushing it for the other names.... Kathleen, Mau, Hazel, Avril...  I think???? but correct me if I've got it totally wrong!  I'm afraid I'm useless and names and faces!  All I know is I'm the one in the grey top!

But I was REALLY surprised when someone came up to me in the entrance area and said... 'you're Christine aren't you????'  It was Sarah from Stressed Stamper... who had recognised me from my blog pic!  Wow!!!!  I'd not met her before and only knew she may be there, but out of all those throngs, she picked me out!  Well done Sarah... I must look as bad as my photo!! hehe! 

Soooooo  I had a fabulous day - lots of chatting and catching up with my lovely blog friends, some lovely RAK's from special people who I say a massive thank you to, and on top of all that, a papercraft show to look around and try not to spend at too!!  And girls.....  I never did get my Fancy Tags 2 (the only thing I went to buy), but I've now ordered it from the US on ebay.... with FREE postage!  And now, END OF spending till next year at least!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend - it was very hot and muggy today in the show, and now it's throwing it down..... so I'm going to chill and watch the X factor!

Big hugs to all....
Christine x


  1. She wouldn't hand over the purse!!!!I tried to get it off her - but she wouldn't let go !! .. and how come i am a blur lol.. was there more than orange in that bottle! I see the photo i took is in full focus lol

    What a fab day .. enjoyed every minute of it .. and the lady next to Avril is Joan!
    Sorry i never made it for Lemon drizzle cake
    Lisa x

  2. What a fab few days you've had!! I recognised Avril straight away. Ooh, I'd ave loved to have met up with you all. xx

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time Christine. And you are just right to take some time out to spend with your hubby. There are a lot of men about who are blog widowers! So we have to show our faces from time to time, lol. Lee xx

  4. Hi Christine, great pics - looks like you had a wonderful time! Am sorry to have missed it, but don't think hubby can be pushed to take me to two shows in two months, and Lincoln is closer. Can you really wait until next year before buying anything else, I couldn't!! Sarah

  5. Oh now I've seen the pictures I'm gutted I couldn't be there to meet you all! You all look like your having so much fun!

    Hugs Laurie x

  6. Flipping eck Christine do I LOOK THAT bad??? DONT answer that I HATE having me pic taken & now I can see why..I never know wether to smile or not...sigh.. lovely to meet up with me blogging mates AGAIN St Phil did a runner tho didnt he Elaine!..see Ealine isnt really a cat with a Tiara..LOL we met Mau for the 1st time stood up with her china cup o T..fab day girlies..but there was a few exhibitors missing & plenty of room to walk home with a thumping headache & just missed a car crash on A64 other side..crafting tomorrow tho..byeeeeee.

    smiles the other Christine xxxx

  7. OOppps forgot to say Christine makes THE most delish Lemon Drizzle cake mmmm lovely..thanks so much Christine

    smiles the other Christine x

  8. It was lovely to see you ladies today, sorry I couldn't hug any of you due to my nasty flu thing though.
    Mau's daughter Amanda (akia Craftingfever)

  9. Sounds like you have been having a fabulous time all round. Love your pics from the show...just sulking as I couldn't be there. Maybe next time.
    Hugs Emma x

  10. I'm on the sulking list as I couldn't be there, but I'm going to a show in 2 weeks time and can't wait. I've got a couple of things on my wish list, and hope to keep ties on the purse strings otherwise (probably won't work, but the intention is there!). Glad you had a great time. One year, I hope I'll get to go. Annette xx

  11. fantastic pics christine.looks like you all had a great day :D

    xx coops xx

  12. HI, i'm the midget between Lisa and Avril, I'm Joan from latenightstamping, it was lovely to meet up with other bloggers. Like everyone else I spent too much but enjoyed the show although it was a lot smaller than other years.

  13. It was fab - spent loads as I am sure you did - will do a posting - though does not look as much as I spent if you see what I mean...So nice to meet you hun - sorry I did not get back at 11:30 shopping took over and lost track of time - take a pic of what you got too - as I am sure I will be able to say "snap"...hope you got yr free pen by the enterance - Yorkhire -lass - I got 2 - I must have looked sad so she gave me 2 - aaaahhhh..I too found the show smaller than last time...still fab
    Sarah xxx

  14. Oh dear..who let out those looneys out of the asylum for the weekend??
    I saw the photos and wondered how on earth my mother got to Harrogate and why would she go anyway. Oh my Lord...I've turned into my Mother! When did that happen????
    I had a fabulous day Christine, and the highlight was meeting up with all these lovely ladies again..all mad as hatters but all very sweet too and very friendly.
    The boy was well behaved whilst we were more piercings and no tattoo..the same cannot be said for his sister! I'll email you the photo tomorrow, need to get my bumk in bed as I'm cream crackered today!
    Thank you for a lovely day out, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
    Love Elaine xxx

  15. Looks like you had a fab time at the show and your spa days sound fab too, well apart from the bucket of ice...brrr you must be mad lol



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