Sunday 4 September 2011

Harrogate GNPE show

Hi Girls

Just a quick post... Next weekend is what we've all been waiting for... the Great Northern Papercraft Extravaganza in Harrogate!  At the last show, I had the pleasure of meeting some of my lovely blogging buddies - we had a natter and a coffee.... and this year it would be really nice if any more would  like join in our little band!

Now, as I only live about 10/15 mins away from the show toward the A1M (in Wetherby), if anyone coming over would like a cuppa and a piece of cake at my house AFTER the show before their trek home, they'd be very very welcome!  In fact it would be really lovely to see you here. 

So, let me know what time roughly you'll be arriving at the show.... maybe we could meet like last time at around 11.30 ish at the eating area?  I can't wait!  But could I ask that PLEASE, someone hold on to my purse/bank card for me and convince me that i DO NOT need any more nesties when I beg??  LOL!

Hugs and Happy Sunday to all..
Christine x
PS.... Forgot to put that it's the Saturday...


  1. I'll be there Christine .... you hang on to my purse .. and i will hang onto yours !.. and a cuppa and a slice of cake sounds wonderful lol
    Lisa xx

  2. Coooo Eeeee me be there tooooo I cant hang onto me own purse never mind anyone else'
    Cup o T an a slice o cake sounds yummy..feel like Aunt sally (Wurzel Gumidge)cant spell it..gawd am going off the track gud n proper now..reel me in some one..Christine you will have to give me good directions how I need to get back from yours??

    smiles the other Christine x

  3. Oh I wish I could join you!! xx

  4. I am going on the Saturday, is that the day you are talking about, hope so as I would love to meet up with you all.
    Probably won't be able to do the cake and cuppa as we are going to a 60th that evening.

    Kath x

  5. I wish I could go too, but it is a little far. Although I'm going to the one in Exeter later this month (may have to leave my credit card at home!) Have a great time, Christine, show us what you get when you come home. Annette xx

  6. How I wish I lived near Harrogate! I mean, how could it be better? Glorious countryside and a fabulous craft show! Can't be beat! Have a fab time!

    luv, Mags x

  7. Oh Christine your posts are like a breath of fresh air! You really make me smile.

    I would love to come and meet you all but my plans got changed and I won't be heading north for the show this time - maybe next time - I'll be sure to pre warn you to get the kettle on!

    Hugs Laurie x

  8. Christine, you better be careful. A cuppa and a piece of cake can quickly turn into a mad party and your craft room being raided, heehee. Hope you have a fab day. Lee xx

  9. I'm hoping to make it depending on how I'm feeling. Be fabulous to meet up Christine...shall see you at 11.30 if I'm there. If not have fun!!
    Hugs Emma x

  10. Hi Christine, Sounds like you are going to have a brilliant day and wish I could be there. We had been going quite regularly but a new craft fair has started in Lincoln which is just a month after GNPE (which is 2 1/2 hrs away from us) so I'm going to that one instead. You are so lucky to live that close to GNPE, envy you. Hope you have a fun day and try not to bankrupt yourself!!! Sarah

  11. I am going with another friend but will try to pop by eating house and see if I can spot you hun - thanks for the offer, but unable to make it - but would love to say hi to you in person...I am getting there for about 10:15...if you recognise me - stop me...swill try to spot you at 11.30
    Sarah x

  12. I will be there...I need not bring my purse..I really don't NEED anything but I bet it doesn't stop me!
    Don't worry..I will blame you and the other Christine for forcing me to buy stuff!!

    See you at 11.30
    Hugs Elaine xx


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