Monday 10 January 2011

Guess what i've been up to....

Hi Girls.... did you miss me? (is that a no I hear?) lol! Well, this is what I've been up to! Well, actually, first, my darling OH had a few days off work, so we did a bit of going out etc as I didn't want him to feel neglected..... THEN, my craft room was calling! I used to have a small desk and a single bed in the room, with cupboards holding my stash along one wall. But the bed was only used once a year when we had a full house (we have two double spare rooms for when my girls come to stay), sooooooo I decided it should go, and we should visit Ikea to find me something nice! Yes????
Here's my old desk!

Guillotines too!
So, the last couple of days has been spent sorting the room, and then moving all the stuff that had decamped to my dining room and finding just 'the right' places for it! What do you think?
If you look at the other photos - you'll see what my other small desk looks like (still!) It had so much stuff on it, there was no room to actually MAKE a card.

Anyway, one of the photos of my new desk shows a journal my daughter gave me at Christmas. It is so beautiful, and shows a woman with a couple of tears escaping her eye. Inside it reads 'an eye without a tear is a soul without a rainbow...' How beautiful. And how apt for me - as some of you know for the last few months I've been having a bit of a stuggle, but hopefully now I've turned a corner and I'm feeling more positive! 

Sooooo I better get on with more tidying.....

Hugs to all that have battled on through my ramblings..
Christine x


  1. Wow fab place - wish I had my own day when they fly the nest!...chin things
    sending you hugs
    Sarah x

  2. wow fantastic craft room christine.i wouldn`t dare show you a photo of mine :D

    xx coops xx

  3. Wow! I'm jealous! I want a room that looks like yours! It's given me the motivation now to get upstairs and clean mine up. As you said, there's NO ROOM to craft! And I want to stitch my cards and I can't even see the sewing machine!! Argggg! Anyway, your room looks lovely. Congrats! You deserve it. Now, when does that plane of mine arrive? lol xo, Coleen

  4. Hi Christine does this mean were gonna see more cards..LOL now you have a craft ROOM??? very stylish & fresh looking just what you need to get creative,,

    smiles Christine xx


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