Wednesday 29 December 2010

Happy Feet???

Well, after watching Kirstie & Phil's perfect Christmas, my eldest daughter Emma and I decided to have a go at making these little penguins out of marzipan (instead of the usual marzipan fruits... ) The ones pictured are Emma's - which turned out so much better than mine! That's because she has 'more patience' she told me... But I taught her all she knows!! hehe! We made a whole army of them, but are now finding them difficult to eat... something about their little personalities.... the one in the middle at the back looks really worried in case it's his turn next! Anyway, just thought I'd share...

Hope you are all having/had a special holiday time - my youngest daughter flies back to Bermuda tomorrrow..... yeah yeah yeah, to the sunshine.... but we'll miss her!

Bye for now
Hugs to all
Christine xx


  1. Ha made me laugh - love his eyes...I too watched those programs-fab...all my pressies were in brown paper with ribbon this year...cost me a fortune...make yr penguins again out of fimo so you can keep them - love the fella in the middle...looks like out of film madagasca..
    Hugs for New Year
    Sarah x

  2. These are so darling! What a gorgeous idea.

  3. Hi Christine aww how sweet How can you EAT them??? LOL glad your having some family time enjoy the new Year ..very quite for us..unless Steven wakes us up rolling home..rofl..

    smiles Christine xx

  4. Aren't these the cutest penguins ever! I'd find it impossible to eat them, too, they have such character!

    Happy New Year!

    luv, Mags x

  5. oh yum.these are fabulous one present i look forward to each christmas is my box of marzipan fruits which i don`t share.mind you not sure i can could eat one of these sweet penguins cos they look too cute :D

    xx coops xxx

  6. I could watch Kirstie all day long theres something really soothing about her voice...these are fabulous, your Daughter is another super talented crafter
    Mina xxx


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