Sunday 20 November 2011

A couple of tries at arty-farty....

Hi Girls
I've been messing around today.... I saw some arty-type cards in a local gift shop the other day, and couldn't believe the prices they were selling for!  £3.25 each!  Sooooooooooo  you know what I'm like, I thought I can be arty!!  So out came my acrylic paints... and I had an interference blue - mixed all together and painted onto some watercolour paper, then sprinkled with irridescent glitter..  Ripped it out and stuck it onto a card... then used glossy accents around the edge and sprinkled with silver glitter.  A quick handwritten sentiment finished it.  It's not the same design as the one in the shop (wouldn't do that).... but just a similar train of thought...

Now one similar to this (think it was a gift or something cut out), was selling for another £3.25!  So I thought I'd used my paddle punch sizzix tree, and write the sentiment underneath.

The gift shop is quite upmarket... but while I was there 'studying', lots of people were in and out buying cards, so it's not as if she doesn't sell...

Literally, I was messing around.... just to see what happened.  Not my normal type of thing, but I had orders and a DT post  to do so wanted to try something for a change.  Let me know what you think....

Hope you're all well and having a lovely Sunday..
Christine x


  1. Lovely Christine although bit C&S for me but there is loads of people like this look.
    Chris x

  2. Well £3.25 for a card like that, not my cup of tea, some people must have more money than sense.

    Kath x

  3. its amazing how much these type go for isnt it Christine, yours are just as beautifully cas as they are too...why not ask id she will sell yours?...I love the touch of glitter on the blue it really brings it to life
    Mina xxx
    p.s. no I didnt get another email from you xxx

  4. They are lovely clean and simple cards - the blues on the first one are gorgeous, it really looks very sparkly sky. I've seen cards along similar lines as well and they seem to sell very well, for more money than you'd expect. I think people really just don't get how much time and effort elaborate hand-made cards take.

  5. Hi Christine its amazing the prices peeps pay in a shop, you have made 2 lovely crimbo creations but the blue is my fav..not bad for "messing"

    smiles the other Christine x

    ps. I'm in a better mood than me comp..when I have a break from DT work over crimbo may take it back to factory settings arghhhh!!!!

  6. I agree - i love the blue one.. well it has got lots of sparkle lol.. and if people buy them i agree you should try and sell them
    Lisa x

  7. Well Christine, I can confirm you have successfully achieved "Arty Fartiness"!! Heehee. These are gorgeous cards. Lee x

  8. I agree, they charge some silly prices in the shops at times! I love them both but the blue one is fantastic :o)
    Jackie xx

  9. 2 gorgeous cards christine.really love your blue going to try some arty farty ones myself for the next craft fair, charge stupid prices and see what :D

    xx coops xx

  10. Love your two "artsy" cards. Really my style! I love the 'keep it simple' kind of cards! You did good girl! xo Coleen


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