Monday 7 February 2011

Award time..

Hi Girls

I have to say a big thank you to Lisa-Jane  at Mess2Magic (who I spent a fab time with at Embsay on Friday), and Laurie over at DesignerDiva for this lovely award which I received a couple of days back.  I've been a tad lazy at getting around to putting this up on my blog - but better late than never!  So here goes:

Now the rules are that I have to give this to 8 more blogs - but to be quite honest - every blog I follow is special to me and gives me inspiration, so I'd be happy for you all to have it - please help yourself!

And I am supposed to tell you 8 things about myself.....  that's the difficult bit, but I'll try...
  1. As Lisa-Jane knows - I LOVE pink
  2. As Lisa-Jane ALSO knows...... I LOVE glitter
  3. I am a true Leo - all GRRRR but like my mane stroked...... a pussy cat really
  4. I am from Lancashire, but I love Yorkshire!
  5. I would love to do a course in graphic design
  6. I have photoshop but haven't mastered it properly yet
  7. I would love to visit California and watch the sun set over the Pacific
  8. I'm trying to meet as many fellow bloggers as I can - what a lovely community to belong to!
Lisa and I spent a lovely few hours on Friday chatting over a cuppa, then shopping for our stashes!  It was a very windy day to drive over the Pennines, but we both managed (I'm the wuss - not Lisa), and it was really worth it!

I've spent a busy weekend - my brother and his wife visited last minute, so I haven't had a lot of card-making/blogging time.  But..... I did find Annette's blog - Netty's Cards - and she has been kind enough to give me lots of help trying to make circular sentiments..... and I THINK I've mastered it!  I've got to say, Annette has been patience personified when I've bombarded her with emails asking 'how do I..........'  It became an obsession....... I just HAD to know how to do it!

Soooooo tomorrow I may have a card for you!  Here's hoping...
Christine x


  1. ooh cant wait to see your new skills in action.. and loved reading your facts .. i think you should enrol in that graphic design course !
    Lisa ;)

  2. ps got a nice little package in the post today ... thank you very much .. i forgot to take mine to post .. bit will do it tomorro
    .. promise

  3. Hi Christine I loved learning a bit more about you - I'm a Leo too and I had photoshop and didn't know how to use it so about 7 years ago I enroled on a Graphic Design course at college (not uni)to learn how to use it! You should do it I'm really glad I did! I live in Hunstanton on the east coast and here we face west so the sun sets over the sea at night albeit the wash not the pacific LOL Hugs Laurie x


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