Tuesday 9 November 2010

Got this from Christine..

Hi Girls
I just received this from Christine over at Nanaseaside - such a lovely lady - thank you Christine!
So now, I have to follow the instructions... Three things that are different about me.... hmmmm..
now........ let me think........ ......... ok, what about these.....
1) errrr ..........I lived on the Isle of Wight for seven years and loved it....
2) hmmmmm......... I'm a very soppy individual - I cried watching Coronation St last night....
3) really struggling now...... ahhhh.... a good one.... I've met up with some of my fellow bloggees... I even met up and went to stay with a lady in America who I met on the internet through our love of cardmaking.... that was over 10 years ago, and we've stayed the best of friends and have visited each other lots since!!
Now....... five people to send on to
Mags at Madcap Manor
There are loads of lovely blogs that I follow and who give me tons of inspiration - but I couldn't put them all on here!
I'm on with another Christmas card design at the moment - though struggling cos of this cold/cough..... so it may be a couple of days before I get in on here. Anyone know of a good remedy for a really really bad cough? I sound like I've been smoking 40 a day - and I haven't touched one since I was 30! Answers on a postcard please.... LOL!
Take care all
Christine x


  1. Thanks Hun...v kind...Sloe Gin is good for a cold - thats what I keep saying anyway....
    Sarah x

  2. thanks so much christine, i`ve posted the award on my blog.
    i hope you feel better soon.

    xx coops xx

  3. Oh wow thank you soooo much for thinking of me.
    Hugs Emma x


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