Thursday 19 April 2012

What is it with me and hearts???

Hi best blogging buddies...

Well, while I've been stuck in with these kitchen fitters (well OK, not fitters yet until all the remedial work is done) I decided to get out my glue gun and have a play!  And this is the result.... what do you think?
I saw something similar on a blog, (or was it pinterest) a few weeks ago, the heart was made with rolled roses and there was a different saying below.....  so I wanted to use that inspiration but do something a little different.  I bought the same frame though from Wilkinsons... really cheap!  I always love buttons and have loads in my button drawer, so it was easy to sort out some ivory ones.  A bit of mount board that fell out of a cupboard while I was emptying my craft room (more about that later...), was used for the background - and I used a definition of love from an online dictionary.... which I think suits.  I just printed it out on the pc.   I'm always a happy bunny playing with my glue gun - apart from when I burn my fingers.... ouch! 

Now - my kitchen (or lack of it!)  The plasterers were in today, doing the walls and ceiling.......  and if you look at the pic below, you'll see it was desparately needed after what the electrician did yesterday!  So I have no lights in there till next week, no washing machine, no dishwasher, and my fridge, food, and everything else is all in my dining room........  I always wanted a kitchen/diner but not in this way!  But on the plus side, I have water and heat....... !!  BUT, and this a big but........  because the boiler is being replaced, and the plumber man needs access to the floorboards above the boiler....  I have had to empty my craft room...........  OMG the stuff that's accumulated in there!  So the contents of that room are now in my daughter's bedroom (thank goodness she's in Bermuda for the time being!)  ANYWAY, I'm waffling,,, but you can possibly understand why I'm not getting too many cards made??  My promise to you all girls, is that I'm NOT going to put all the stuff back in to my craft room that came out!!  I really really will sort it out!

Right.....  I'm going to put my feet up now methinks.... a girl can get a bit worn out thinking about how nice it's going to look after it's done.....
Hugs to all.....
Christine x


  1. Beautiful Button Heart Picture Christine, really effective love it! Jo xxx

  2. Love this gorgeous picture Christine.....anything made with buttons I love :)
    Good luck with the kitchen re-fit.....we had ours done last year so I know what it is like!!

    Jenny xx

  3. I love your gorgeous button heart picture, what a clever idea.
    I hope your kitchen gets sorted for you soon.
    hugs Emma xx

  4. This is beautiful! I love buttons!!
    Good luck with your kitchen! We had ours done last year, Just keep telling yourself "it will be worth it in the end!!"
    Wendy x

  5. It will look beautiful when its done and this heart picture is beautiful too. What a good idea.
    Chris x

  6. Gosh - this reminds me of where we were two years ago Christine - everything ripped out of the kitchen - just a water pipe sticking out of the wall! I feel your pain, but believe me - it does get better!! (Who is that mysterious lady standing at the door)??!!
    Almost forgot - I love your button heart project too!
    Hugs, Sylvia xx

  7. ooh the button heart is so pretty . A fab idea.And the kitchen will look fabulous when its finished
    Lisa x

  8. Hi Christine, this is just gorgeous! You should enter it into our 'anything but a card' week over at the Divas!

    I'm sure the pain of the kitchen re-fit will be worth it in the end.


  9. Ooh I love this Christine! What a great idea and it looks gorgeous, really must have a go at something like this :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  10. Im sure you can wait until your kitchen is all finished. I just love this beautiful creation Christine. Emmm....if you want you I can look after your craft stuff for you.......I promise I'll take good care of them, lol. Lee x

  11. Love all the buttons on this, so pretty....

  12. Absolutely gorgeous Christine,I love buttons!
    Good luck with your kitchen, will be worth it in the end.
    Wendy xx

  13. Oooh, how exciting having a new kitchen put in! We had ours done a few years back and I always love walking in there!

    What a fabulous frame, Christine! That is such a great idea and I love the soft pink with it!

  14. Oh your heart is so PRETTY Chris!!~

  15. Oooooh it's tooooo exciting a new kitchen - every girls dream! We did ours 2 years ago and the whole room was ripped out and gutted, ceilings Walls, floor the lot! It was so worth it though cos I love my kitchen! And it sounds like you're going to get a reorganised craft room too in the process! That would be my worst nightmare as I too have a little too much stash!
    Your button heart is delightful I love it! Like Sarah said, enter it into Diva's
    Hugs Laurie x

  16. A beautiful 'picture' Christine.
    Never mind about the mess, your kitchen will soon be all that you wished for :o)
    Jackie xx

  17. so beautiful christine.i love the buttons heart and your kitchen is going to look fantastic :D

    xx coops xx

  18. Morning sweetie, this is absolutely gorgeous...

    Love the colours that you have chosen just fabulous...

    Thank you also for that...

    Have a fab weekend huggles Pops x x x

  19. Wow, stunning! It would make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. xx

  20. Stunning!!! I have a frame ready to be transformed - it's been sitting in my craft room for 4 blinking years, lol!! I WILL do it soon!!

    We got our kitchen done about five years ago - never again!! You're right though, it'll be worth it.

  21. Hi Christine! I love your frame, the heart is brilliant! I have no idea about the stores in Antibes, but I will look and tell you what I can find:-)! Hugs Delphine xx

  22. Absolutely love it's beautiful!

    Never had a hot glue gun and maybe I shouldn't be allowed to have one either!

    Oh dear..I sympathise. I am still getting over having ours done 5 years ago! We knocked through into the dining room to make a much
    larger kitchen, new electrics, new boiler etc so I've been there and done that. Our "all singing all dancing" new top of the range combi boiler was a dream come true, well it was until it died 13 months later, and of course just out of its warranty :(
    Next time I need a new kitchen...I'll find a house with my dream kitchen in it and MOVE!

    Big hugs
    Elaine xxx

  23. Hi Christine

    I love it - a few buttons and a glue gun - wow!

    Can't wait to see the finished pictures of your kitchen!

    Thanks for popping by and leaving me a comment.

    Be back to see you soon.

    Toodle pip

    Hazel x

  24. Hiya, love this button heart - it caught my eye right away when browsing thru' blogland.

    Good luck with the kitchen,

    Liz x

  25. oh Hun just love your,button heart its just brilliant,really eye catching Hun,oh gosh,hope you get your room sorted soon hun an who is the lady at the door is that you peeking,to look at us he he,take care hunny hugs Cherylxxxxx

  26. What a great idea! Love the heart made of buttons!!!

  27. Hi Christine love the heart piccy great frame from Wilkos..your kitchen p[ice make me cringe been there done that a few to many times..the stories I could tell or even better write a book..its a wonder I ever moved

    smiles tother Christine x

  28. Gorgeous Button heart Christine. Stunning xx

  29. you and hearts is like me and ribbons addiction lol...that is such a brilliant way to use buttons its your kitchen is going to be amazing, I dont envy you the mess and upheavel though
    Mina xxx

  30. This is beautiful Christine, I love it. So pretty. Hope everything is ok with the work you are having done xx

  31. Fabulous project Christine, love the button heart. I think it may have been my project that inspired you. I'd be so pleased if it was.
    Good luck with the building work. :)xx

  32. Me again - I'd like to do a blog post about your heart in a frame with a link to your blog. If it's ok with you? :)x

  33. I came over from Vicky's blog - the button heart is just gorgeous! Mary G x

  34. Heart is my favourite shape. You share such lovely image of heart. Its look too good and easy to make a home.

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