Wednesday, 18 January 2012

YESSSSS!!! I did a video tutorial!

Hi Girls

Go easy on me please, because this is my very first venture into video tutorials and YouTube in general...  but I would love it if you take a look and let me know what you think!

I had to split the tutorial into two parts... (didn't realise they have a max but can't colour any quicker!)  So here is Part 1 (which shows the shading of the denim jeans)

then Part 2 which shows the shading sponging around the image...

As I say, be gentle, because it's so difficult to colour around a camera.... (that was between me and the image!) - and to do it quickly and not go over the lines (which I did in places!!)

Big Hugs
Christine x


  1. Fabulous Christine.. really enjoyed them!
    Lisa x

  2. Hi Christine, just popped over and had a look at your videos - very good! Very clear and useful, well done you!!


  3. Well done that lady!! Super videos and I really enjoyed listening to you as well as watching you colour in etc.

    Edna x

  4. Hi Christine - have commented on DC and now following your blog! Lea (tonyswife on DC) xx

  5. Well done Christine, the videos are fabulous, very helpful, must have a go at the sponging around the image, not thought about leaving the nestie in before, great idea.
    Many thanks Wendy xx

  6. Excellent was fantastic and very easy to thinks we will lots more tuts from you :o)

    big husg Vicky xx

  7. Excellent tutorial Christine, very easy to follow :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. Brilliant sweetie you sound right posh :0))))

  9. Awww Christine your very brave loved it..&&& you sound just like you do on the phone & in person very clear..
    your accent isnt as northern as mine am sure peeps can understand you perfectly..

    smiles the other Christine x

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Christine x