Saturday 31 July 2010

Thank you....

Wow - I got up this morning and came to check my blog - and couldn't believe my eyes to have some wonderful comments from kind people - and to have more followers! I'd been contemplating giving up the blog as I didn't seem able to 'be seen'! Sooooooo thank you for making my day - and special thanks to Christine for the 'signposting' - unknown to me, but really good of her! This really will give me the inspiration I sooo needed to get those images out and carry on!! And I tidied up my stuff yesterday (as it's crept from a room upstairs down into my dining room, hmmmm - so now I have no excuse that I can't find stuff!

I certainly will think of entering some into challenges, and thanks for the link. Up to now, when I've seen a challenge, the card I'm making doesn't particularly 'fit' the theme, so I've stayed away.... but now......

And I must admit that yes, I did buy both of those MS punch sets last weekend - but they were a bargain - weren't they????? That was my justification anyway! I'm very pleased with them - they're really good quality and punch card quite easily. So......... probably everything you see from me from now on will have a snowflake or a loopy border! hehe

Right...... breakfast time...
Bye for now
Christine x


  1. Hi Christine thanks for your reply..its your work that got your comms. its gorgeous..just do a bit of blog hopping to see what challs. are on..some peeps have lists of challenges in the side bar ..I have one but follow lots more..add yourself as a follower & youll get the info of the nxt chall..have a good w/end & get hopping...LOL

    Hugs Christine xx

  2. Thanks Christine - my head is spinning now with all I've learned today! I'm trying to link to the Tips on Tuesdays but am struggling.. but am trying....!
    Take care
    Christine x

  3. Hi Christine, I am glad u decided to give it a go and stay in blog land. I myself dont have many followers but i just love looking through the few Ihave and the ones I follow as I find it brings me insipration and spares me on with my own designs.
    I am now a follower and look forward to seeing more of your creations.
    Marie x

  4. I love your blog & thanks to Christine for noticing it, I've added myself as a follower .
    I did too buy these punches but not had the time yet to play, especially love the loop one, I think it will transform all my old papers into something useful.
    Ann x

  5. Hi Christine
    love your blog and cards I'm new to blogging son helps me a lot pop over and have a look

  6. I just stumbled across your sweet little blog & must say you have some GORGEOUS cards on here ... I've become a follower & hope you will hop on over to my blog once in awhile to see what I do. This is such a fun thing to do & getting a comment 1st thing in the morning always makes my day too.
    Hugs from another new blogger,Janie


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