Sunday 6 January 2013

Oooooh Papertrey Ink Stamps and Dies...

Morning bloggers..

Well I was a very lucky lady at Christmastime, and one of my gifts was some fabulous Papertrey Ink stamps and dies from a very lovely person ... so I've been practising and practising - and here's what I came up with!!  What do you think?

They do take some getting used to..  positioning the die over the stamped image is a bit tricky.. but they are soooooo effective when it's done.  I just used a bit of pink dotty (yes it had to be pink!) from my stash... a pc generated sentiment... a woodware corner rounder..  and of course the stamps and dies..  which are Rosie Posie from Papertrey Ink.  Oooh and a little touch of glitter finished the roses off...

Now I just wanted to share these pics of my youngest daughter - who was in Las Vegas over Christmas...  They are entitled 'How to Give My Mother Nightmares/a Heart Attack'...  (and look away if you're squeamish...)

On the last one - she's actually standing on the very edge of the Grand Canyon!!!!  Seems they don't have health and safety over there............  And as I hate heights, my toes curled when I looked at it!!   She had a fabulous time as her birthday is on Christmas Eve also... and she was with a group of friends so celebrated in style..

Big hugs to all and Happy Crafting..
Christine xx


  1. Lovely card, and I love the shaped corners. The pics did make me feel a bit woozy too. Hope she had a great birthday while she was there.

  2. What a beautiful girl, Christine! Obviously takes after her mum.

    What a very elegant card - the touch of glitter really finishes it off beautifully!

  3. Wonderful card gorgeous photos Ginny x

  4. Such a beautiful card - love it and all the sparkles too. We went to Vegas last year, and yes, you can stand right on the very edge - it's a long long way down. It is certainly a once in a lifetime experience - especially the helicopter trip over the canyon.

  5. Ooh, Christine, I love this card! Gorgeous stamps and soooo effective!

    I could hardly look at the second photo! Scary!

  6. Love the card hun - but wow the Grand place before I pop my clogs I need to oh wow - though do not think I could stand on the edge!!!
    Sarah x

  7. I think you have done wonders with the die and stamp, I have all on getting an ordinary shaped die rightly positioned over an image, they look great and of course the sparkle too.
    Great photo's,glad she had a great time.
    Thanks for the tip about Chrome.

    Kath x

  8. beautiful card christine.the roses are pretty and i love your design.great pics of your daughter too, she ios very brave standing right on the edge, i wouldn`t

    xx coops xx

  9. I can barely look at the last photo!
    I get dizzy on a thick carpet so there's no way you would get me up there!

    Beautiful card Christine, and the glitter is the perfect finishing touch.

    Big hugs
    Elaine xxx

  10. Gorgeous make Christine and fab photos too! Tee Hee! Kim

  11. Oh that second photo makes me feel a bit wobbly... eek!

    Your card is gorgeous. Love the stamps you've used and pretty sparkly touches. My MIL got me a few Papertrey Ink bits for Christmas :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  12. Hi Christine - thanks for the comment on my blog this morning, I had thought about putting my card in the Pinkie Palace, but wasn't sure if it was pink enough! It's there now!

    Fab cards from you too - love the elegance of this one and your previous ones (and tags!) are pretty amazing too!!

    Great pictures of your daughter as well - sounds like she had great fun.


    PS - My New Year resolutions this year are to loose weight - got to as it's getting silly now, I'm puffing getting up the stairs!!!!!

  13. Great photos Christine and such a pretty card! Love the beautiful blossom!

  14. Fabulous card as every Christine,but Oh myyyyyy!!! that pic of your daughter standing on the edge.....they do try to frighten us to death don't they.Our daughter used to do hot air ballooning a lot....(gulp)...some very hairy moments there!Viv xx


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