Sunday 26 September 2010

Not card related - but what'd you think of these?

Hi Girls

Sorry I've not been around lately, but we've just had a few lovely peaceful days away in North Wales then the Peaks, and while we were in
Bakewell I bought a lovely crocheted flower brooch (from an arts and crafts centre) - the brooch is perfect for a winter cardigan/coat, or handbag! Sooooooooo as you know, I love being inspired - and I decided to have a go at making them! I had a pattern that came to me from my sister - so I bought some wool and here are the results! I'm hoping to have a stall at a local craft show in the near future - selling my cards (of course!), the jewellery that I make, and now these brooches. Do you think they'd sell well? Would love your feedback!

I had to really scratch my head to remember how to knit - it must be at least 20 years since I've cast on a stitch! And that was the problem - I could remember how to cast on - but couldn't for the life of me think how to get the first loop! Ah well,,,,,, it came back eventually!

Bye for now - look forward to hearing your comments as always....
Christine x

Monday 13 September 2010

A quickie!

Just wanted to post this very quick card - you know when sometimes you need to do something that doesn't take too much colouring or shading? Well this provided it! It's a design from Pink Petticoat - but careful if you go to buy it, make sure you click on the right item (very easy not to), as I made a mistake and ended up with an image I didn't want! Ah well, not to worry. I love this image - very simple, but I think very effective!

I've not been blogging too much lately as I'm busy making jewellery for an order I've taken - I do Swarovski and silver bracelets, earrings and necklaces. So I've had to get down to it! Saves life being boring huh?

I spent a lovely day on Saturday at the Harrogate Papercraft show and spent far too much! But the highlight of my day was meeting Christine (Nanaseaside) - and we had a lovely chat and a wander around! Nice to meet fellow bloggers. And to Sarah (StressedStamper) - sorry I didn't get there on Sunday too - was absolutely worn out after Saturday! Anyway - I eventually treated myself to a Cuttlebug - so my Wizard is now redundant! It took up far too much room and needed a stronger hand than I have! The Cuttlebug is much easier to work with and fits neatly away! I need to get the jewellery finished now so I can play with it!!

I'm also now on the countdown to my youngest daughter emigrating for a couple of years..... so emotions are running high! If you see tears on my blog in the next few days - well until 29th when she ACTUALLY goes...... just pass the tissues will you? Well........ Mum's are allowed....... aren't they?

Hugs to all
Christine x

Sunday 5 September 2010

Back to blogland.......

Hi All

Firstly, sorry I've not been around for a few days - I've had that dreadful tummy bug that's been doing the rounds, only it decided to stay at my house for a while without moving on too fast! Knocked me for six and for the first few days this week I was laying on the settee all day watching daytime TV. Not all bad though, I lost half a stone while being poorly, so it did have it's up side! Not a recommended way to lose tho... Then yesterday we had a big family gathering for them all (my two brothers and their wives, my honorary brother, a niece & hubby, a nephew & new wife, and a great-great niece) to say bye-bye to my daughter for a while - who, by the way, got her results on Friday and she is now a fully fledged CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT! So that was lovely news before she goes off at the end of September to pastures new.. :( Anyway, lots of cleaning done etc etc, before the family descended - so that took care of Thursday, Friday and then yesterday, we had a wonderful day...

Listen to me, making excuses for not being here! So onto my card...

Today I used SpringHuggabugg from Christy Croll at Tiddlyinks - what a lovely image to colour - such lovely clean lines. I used my copics to colour, and my prismacolour blue pencils to for the shadow - then sponged some Adirondack Lights pink sherbert around the edge, after I'd made a mask with some post it notes - (yes, cheating I know!)

The background paper is from my Basic Grey Green at Heart pad, then I added a ribbon, and a heart charm that I got from Pink Gem Designs. And then girls, all that was left to do was add........ GLITTER!

Anyway, hope you like. I would love to hear your comments so please do say hello and let me know there are people out there.... And I'll be back in blogland this week - then, we have the Papercraft show next weekend in Harrogate!!!! YAYYYYY can't wait!
Bye for now

Christine x
PS - I've also added a pic of my two darling daughters and myself yesterday - I'm so proud of them both - so couldn't resist putting their pic on here! Clare is the one in the middle who is off to Bermuda later this month........ But just think of the hols I can go on!! x