Wednesday 18 January 2012

Look what I've got!!!

Hi Girls

Wowww look what arrived in the post for me this morning!! This wonderful marker pen storage unit was made by Steve who is husband of our lovely blogger buddie Vixx...... isn't he clever? They're for sale on her website Vixx Handmade Cards - she very quietly put them on her sidebar the other day - and I happened to notice and ordered one! I can only say it's super-fantastic..... I only emailed her about it last Wednesday - and he made just what I wanted - a 4 cubbie x 3 cubbie unit over the weekend - mailed it to me from Essex on Monday and I have it today! What fabulous service!!

I wanted to share it with you and I know we all struggle for storage units for our luscious pens and this wonderful man is an answer to our prayers! LOL! If you look carefully to the right of the unit, you can see a pink box that contains all my 'uninked' stamps - OMG!

Now this is a set of shelves that my lovely OH made for me last week too! I needed to keep my nesties and unmounted stamps somewhere that wasn't shoved at the back of my desk..... and this is what we came up with between us! So much more space.... I'm getting all excited! And talking of excitement, is it only me that would get excited about these two wooden boxes below that my OH brought home from work the other day (they were going to be thrown out..) - I think he knows me very well now - he saw my eyes light up when he brought them in! I don't know what I'm going to do with them but ooooooooohhhhh aren't they sooooooo useful!

And a bit more excitment.... I managed to do a video this afternoon of the shading I used on the Daisy card..... I was asked a few times on the DC forum how I'd done it - so decided to give a tutorial a go!  Be gentle with me when I upload it as it's my first!

Big Hugs
Christine x


  1. Hi Christine...

    I'm so very pleased you like your marker storage..showed Steve your post and now he is! So pleased it arrived safey and your craft room looks fabulous hun...and all that new rubber too :o)

    have fun playing...and I likey the new boxes too...have a lovely evening...big hugs Vicky xx

  2. OMG you're just like me. When I get something in a nice container, I always keep the container (drives hubby mad, but he now knows that I like a useful storage box and always asks me first before throwing one away!!!) Love the copic holder too, really great idea. Annette xx

  3. Hi Christine, what fab storage - I could really do with one of those! - it looks great.

    Love the boxes as well, I would be exactly the same - couldn't throw something like that away.

    Looking forward to seeing the video as well.


    PS - You are more than welcome to come play at my house anytime - as long as you can stand the mess!!!

  4. Ooh I love your new pen storage, it looks fab! I'm the same with boxes - hubby usually remembers to check before he gets rid of anything lol. Lisa x

  5. Fabby storage cubes Christine - it doesn't take a lot to please us crafters does it? I still haven't filled mine up but I stroke it and smile every day!
    Can't wait to see the tute you clever girl you and I love your card below
    Big hugs Laurie x

  6. Oh you lucky lady! I've noticed those cubes too but truth to tell I've no room left to put one into.
    Look forward to seeing your tut. You go girl!!
    Edna x

  7. It all looks fabulous Christine .. brilliant there is so many handy men around who understand our crafty needs
    Lisa x

  8. Ohhh Steve did an amazing job and I love those crate boxes your other half brought home for you. I'd be using them as ink storage and maybe the other one for sprays and alcohol inks. Cant wait to see your video. Lee x

  9. I got a huge one and I have painted mine :0))) just deciding what to pop on it as its just plain white may go for butterflies x x x

  10. Well done you lovely piece of kit..
    well designed & your boxes wow what a lovely guy your OH is..

    smiles the other Christine xxx

  11. wow its brilliant christine.i have to have mine in cases as i don`t have any shelving or a desk big enough to fit them
    your videos are fantastic hun,i saw your links on docrafts yesterday and i popped over to youtube and watched them really explain what you are doing well. :D

    xx coops xx

  12. Love your pen storage; I've been drooling over them on Vicky's blog, lol! We all have our other halves so well trained where boxes are concerned!!


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