Wednesday 23 March 2011

OK, OK........ this is what i bought.......

Hi Girls
No card today, but I thought I better own up to what I bought on Saturday..... which was quite good for me really - I do tend to spend more normally.....(!)  But why am I attracted to bling and bring home loads?  Must mean something in my psych-ey.....  Also sheep have crept in too.......  hmmmmmmm... If anyone sees a sheep with diamond earrings, you'll let me know?

And then...... we went up to the Lakes to see my darling OH's daughter and her hubbie, and their little son Leo.....

Isn't he just SOOOOOOO cute?  Who could resist those eyes....

THEN we wandered back home yesterday, with a couple of stops...  one at Kirby Lonsdale where Barry took these fab photos of the bridge.....

And THEN - we had a lovely lunch at Grassington and a wander up and down the high street talking to some of the people on the TV programme Love Thy Neighbour...... which is FAB - if you get a chance to watch it - do!

And THEN - being so close to Embsay..... well,,,,,,,,, could a girl resist? Soooooooo  this is what I bought then!

Am I a naughty girl or what?  I BET you're expecting to see a card soon....... aren't you???????

Hugs ......
Christine xx


  1. Ohhh Christine this likkle guy will break some hearts when he gets older..
    what gorgeous child..WHEN did you buy ALL that stuff?? LOL I spy some LOTV & love those sheep stamps, fab MS punches too..speak soon

    smiles the other Christine xx

  2. Yeah we are expecting a card very soon lol little Leo us adorable but they don't stay like that for long do they I wish they would I love kids that age when they are exploring and into everything bless glad you had a good time with everything lately you deserve it
    Jacki xx

  3. Christine!!!!! I know how you feel though.

    Would you believe I actually sell papercrafting products (coming soon on my blogshop) BUT!!! I still buy from Shops and TV Channels!!!! Am I mad or just ADDICTED!!!!

    Me thinks the latter:)

    Michelle x

  4. OH Christine.. so lovely to hear you have had a great few days away and the pics look fabulous.
    Love all your new stash and you are right .. will be sat here waiting to see all the new creations .. speak soon
    Lisa x

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing few days and well deserved too! Leo is ADORABLE I think I might choose him over the new stash! I'm so ready for grandkids!!
    Laurie x

  6. wish I had gone hu - next time...and meet for a coffee - loving that MS punch and LOTV and that fab cutie Leo....I need to go to that stall next time - I want one of those!

  7. I'm so jealous of those LOTV stamps. I really like that cat good luck one, soooo want that one too but just got my big shot and think I need to reign in my spending otherwise I would spend another load on new LOTVs! Looking forward to seeing what you create with it all (love all the gems too!)

  8. Hiya me again we used to go up Sutton Bank every W/E to our static caravan at Reighton Sands nearly Filey..& I know Kilburn well..Robert Thompson mouse man furniture centre..lovely day for a walk..
    off to do some stamping now wink wink..

    smiles Christine xx

  9. omg Christine he is just adorable and your so right look at those stunning wow wow how much fun are you going to have with all these yummy goodies, ooohhhhh all our sheep have diamond studs in their ears here dont yours lol
    Mina xxx

  10. It sounds as though you have had a wonderful time. Isn't that wee boy the cutest - what gorgeous eyes!

    Now then, I see some LOTV there in that stash - didn't you do well!
    Mina is right, of course, our sheep are diamond studded all over. :)

    Edna x

  11. oh my Christine he is the most adorable little poppet..what stunning eyes!He'll break some hearts wiht them I'll bet!

    What lush goodies! enjoy!
    kerry x


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