Wednesday 16 February 2011

Fabulous new images from a new website..... and a freebie - check it out!

Hi Girls
Just a quickie today to tell you about this fab new website - Wee Stamps by Sylvia Zet.  Isn't this little girl absolutely gorgeous?  And if you want her for free.....  you have to grab her by 12 midday today (16th Feb).  Instructions are on her blog how to claim - brilliant idea for getting her website known.  She's a very talented lady by the look of her images - I wish her good luck!

Sorry I've not been around - I've got a little problem at the back of my mouth (just feels like food is stuck there but it's been like this for 4 weeks now) which I went to the docs about last week - she referred me and the hospital rang THE DAY AFTER to arrange an appt yesterday.  Of course, I went into panic mode (as I do.....).  When I went yesterday, the specialist had to try to see it first through my mouth, and then because he couldn't, he had to put a camera through my nose............... eeek!!  He couldn't manage at first so he used a nasty spray and had to try both nostrils (as he told me one was narrow!)  He STILL couldn't see anything, so now I have to go for an MRI, then possibly he'll have to check it out with a general anaesthetic.  So girls.............. i'm officially TERRIFIED.  I keep on trying to tell myself they're being thorough....   Just to make you smile though, you can't imagine how far my head could go backwards and how quickly when he was approaching me with that camera!!!

Christine x


  1. HI Christine .. i hope you get is sorted soon.. as it cant be very pleasant. Thinking of you.. and yes the peg turned out well.. just 3 more to do lol
    Did the heart cutters arrive??
    Lisa ;)

  2. Hi Christine I missed this free bee boo hoo..gosh sounds as tho your going thro it at the mo hope your soon sorted..

    smiles the other Christine xx

  3. Oh Christine, poor you, its sounds awful what you have been through! I hope all goes well and you soon get sorted soon, try not to worry too much and relax - maybe a spot of crafting is the best thing to keep your mind off it all. Thinking of you Big Hug Laurie x

  4. Oh no, I hope that you get this sorted out asap. I can imagine that you're worried. Thoughts are with you honey. Stay in touch. Annette xx

  5. I was looking at these a few days back arent they so cute...I know exactly what you mean about your head going backwards, I had a cyst removed from my eye with a scalpol while still awake thank goodness there was a chair back to stop my head snapping lol...I hope they find out whats happening soon and without an operations...fingers crossed for you
    Mina xxx


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